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Alegrant Ltd is an independent multi-award winning company. It is founded and managed by Global Trade and Customs Compliance experts wanting to make access to compliance advice global, fast and easy.

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UHatch, Cowcaddens Road , William Harley Building
Glasgow, G4 0BA
Scotland – UK


Alegrant’s Culture and Purpose

About Alegrant

Alegrant’s culture is rooted in the rich heritage of international trade. From the Incense route to modern containerships, humans have bartered and exchanged. Trading across borders and bonding with different cultures is part of being humans. It’s who we are as humans, it’s what we do.
But our modern world has made it complex, stressful and chaotic. Our purpose is to untangle the process of international exchange and help the world connect through trade.

We work with our community, linking traders with global expertise to give pragmatic, logical and creative solutions to whatever barriers are stopping them trading.

Global trading does not have to be burdensome, there is an easier way and we are building it. Our mission is to make trading across borders easy, safe and accessible to all businesses, everywhere.



  • Confidentiality and Discretion. We value confidentiality and discretion and we ensure that sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and privacy. We keep clients’ information private and we do not use our clients’ name, brand or logo for publicity.
  • Integrity and Ethics. We are committed to upholding the highest ethical standards and maintaining integrity in all interactions with clients, colleagues, and the wider community. We do not always adopt our client’s perspective on all issues and we do express a dissenting voice when necessary.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We value diversity in all its forms. We recognise the benefits of diverse perspectives and experiences and we welcome differences.
  • Professional standing. We do not go beyond our own expertise. We do not create dependence by our client on us. We are careful to anticipate and avoid conflicts of interest.

Clients’ feedbacks

As SMS Oilfield grew in size and geographically, we required policies and procedures to export our products and services to minimise the risks of trading internationally. Alegrant came in and provided tailored consultancy and training to our whole management team from business development to finance and logistics. This advice was tailored to the particular challenges our company faces in the oil industry. The policy and procedures developed are embedded in our management system and have proved invaluable as we have grown into three regions.“

SMS Oilfield, a Scottish specialist SME providing sensing technology, data analysis and visualisation for the global oil and gas community with now regional hubs in Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi as well as ongoing operations in West Africa and the Middle East.

”HebHomes Limited is a successful and growing Scottish based self-build kit house company.  We currently source some of our key supplies from the rest of the EU and are also embarking on an overseas expansion with new sales to the rest of Europe.  With no experience of international trade, the prospect of Brexit and its implication on our business has been intimidating and we expected a major hit on our existing business and a reduction in overseas sales.  Catherine at Alegrant has de-mystified international trade and the implications of Brexit.  Providing customised information to our business and clear guidance we have been able to minimise the impact of Brexit and any tariffs applicable.  We are now confident to take forward our internationalisation with all its commercial benefits.  “

Jean Hamilton, Director HebHomes Limited

“We were very impressed with the Brexit Customs Training Course we received. The course was designed specifically for our business needs and all our questions were answered. We feel confident we are in compliance with HMRC regulations while trading with the EU post Brexit.”

James MacSween, Customs & Shipping Supervisor, MacArtney Underwater Technology

”While we focus on delivering the world’s first ‘underground drone’ to grain storage operators and help them Saving Grains, we like to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic complexity putting a stall on our operations, and the Alegrant expert, through a single session, was able to help us understand how to navigate the customs duties landscape during this transition period through very clear language and advice.”

Dr Lorenzo Conti, Founder & Managing Director of Crover

“They are the jurists the most friendly I’ve ever met! Having someone answering with enthusiasm, empathie and drive when the sky is falling on your head, for me, this was new!..”

Elena Bou – Business Designer & Strategist – Agence Arborescence – Marseille – France

Awards & Recognitions

Alegrant Award Winner
  • Customs Compliance Specialists of the Year 2022/2023.
  • Finalist in the UK Business Awards 2021, Best Online Business category.
  • Alegrant named among “50 Best Companies to watch 2019” by The Silicon Review Magazine.
  • Alegrant named “One to Watch” in prestigious EU Business Awards 2019.
  • Winner SIE 2017 “Fresh Idea” competition 2018.
  • Highly Commended” 2017 recognition from Scottish Institute for Enterprise.
  • Winner of Santander Start-up 2016 competition.

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Making an impact!

We’re taking action to help small businesses in our communities to export and trade globally in a safe and profitable manner.

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Pledge 1%

Alegrant is a proud member of the Pledge 1% Movement. We Pledge to donate 1% of our time to our communities. We provide essential resources to small businesses in Scotland engaging in trading globally with time and free expertise.

Tech Zero

As a member of Tech Zero, Alegrant is committed to measuring our scope 1-3 emissions and reach our net zero target before 2030.

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