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Customs compliance does not have to be burdensome. There is an easier way… 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Clear advice”

”While we focus on delivering the world’s first ‘underground drone’ to grain storage operators and help them Saving Grains, we like to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic complexity putting a stall on our operations, and the Alegrant expert, through a single session, was able to help us understand how to navigate the customs duties landscape during this transition period through very clear language and advice.”

Dr Lorenzo Conti, Founder & Managing Director of Crover

Services FAQ’s

What if I am unsure of the type of expertise we need?

Talk to us! It is extremely common for clients to misdiagnose the source of their problems. So all our collaborations with our clients start with a (free) initial chat. From our side, we want to make sure your question is within our area of expertise. And for you, it will be the opportunity to see if the consultation with us is what you need. Just send us a note to have an informal chat:

I need just one expertise (origin) but in several countries, can you help?

Yes, we can. This is a common request from groups with manufacturing or sourcing in different countries/world regions. Rules of Origin can be obscure and conflicting. In practice, you can deal directly with our in-country experts or we can consolidate the answers for you if you prefer to have a single point of contact. Whatever is easier for you.

Alegrant services

It’s easier with personalised services and tailored solutions

Customs Law & Regulation Consulting

When you just need to Know and understand the rules. Our experts will report on the laws, regulations, and court decisions that apply to your specific transaction in a specific country.

Customs Compliance Management

If you want to go further than understanding the regulations and want guidance to implement the rules across your business. We’ll help you shape your internal compliance processes, develop policies and introduce procedures to integrate your obligations into your daily business practices.

Internal Customs Audits

When you want to have the peace of mind that you meet your Customs obligations. Whether for a single entity or for several foreign business units we have a variety of audits to meet you specific requirements.

Customs Strategy

When you want to align your Customs strategy to your business objectives or financial objectives. We’ll provide long-term strategic planning to proactively address Customs needs and potential challenges. We’ll deliver strategic guidance and nuanced advice tailored your specific situation so you can leverage opportunities across your global supply chain.

Customs Authorities Enquiries

Alegrant’s experts can support you if you face an enquiry from Customs authorities. Most Experts have experience in representing traders in front of authorities, courts, and tribunals.They can help to ensure that your rights are upheld and that your perspectives are presented fairly. They can also intervene as a crisis management to guide you through challenging situations and defend your interests during times of uncertainty.

Coaching & Training

Alegrant bespoke training is tailored to the business products, sectors, transactions, countries of trading, business practices and objectives. Training workshops and seminars can cross departments and countries to harmonise Customs knowledge and practices across the business. Personalised coaching on Customs matters allows your team to learn from professionals, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Tailored Advice”

As SMS Oilfield grew in size and geographically, we required policies and procedures to export our products and services to minimise the risks of trading internationally. Alegrant came in and provided tailored consultancy and training to our whole management team from business development to finance and logistics. This advice was tailored to the particular challenges our company faces in the oil industry. The policy and procedures developed are embedded in our management system and have proved invaluable as we have grown into three regions.“

SMS Oilfield, a Scottish specialist SME providing sensing technology, data analysis and visualisation for the global oil and gas community with now regional hubs in Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi as well as ongoing operations in West Africa and the Middle East.

Services FAQ’s

We are preparing an export contract/a new manufacturing site abroad and we just need to understand the local rules, can you help?

Yes, we can help. This is our core expertise so our Customs Regulations Consulting service is for you. We’ll extract from the Customs Code the specific rules that apply to your specific transaction and we’ll deliver the answer to you in a clear and actionable report.

Can you carry out multi-country customs audits?

Yes, our Award-Winning service Safe Global Trade is scalable in size, depth and geography. We are running audits for SME’s and large companies, multi-site businesses and multi-country companies. We have a variety of audits from light-touch desk-based reviews to full on-site audits.

It’s easier with a clear process

Alegrant services

Our Client Service Framework adapts to your unique needs, availability, timing and geographical locations.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“They are the jurists the most friendly I’ve ever met! Having someone answering with enthusiasm, empathie and drive when the sky is falling on your head, for me, this was new!..”

Elena Bou – Business Designer & Strategist – Agence Arborescence – Marseille – France

Consultation FAQs

Do you provide support for obtaining authorisations or just advice?

It depends on your needs. In some cases, we can simply provide the advice and the client handles the applications for authorisations. For other clients, we provide a full support, we get the authorisations from the authorities and process claims. This is particularly useful for clients dealing in foreign jurisdictions where our local experts involvement provides greater certainty, minimises compliance risk, and speeds up the process as it was the case for a transaction in Nigeria.

We have an urgent request, can you help?

Yes, all Alegrant Services can be adapted to time constraints. Shipments stuck in customs across the world, unexpected request by the authorities, sudden re-routing of cargo for geopolitical reasons or customs inspections are just part of a normal day in international trade, so we are used to operate in emergency situations.

Alegrant services

It’s easier with local experts and ressources 

Meet Alegrant Experts

Alegrant is different because we don’t just let anyone in. Alegrant experts are selected for their specialised knowledge and competencies in Customs and Trade laws and regulations. Our clients trust us to introduce them to specialists in their field. You’ll find that Alegrant Experts around the world have a few things in common:

  • They are locally based practitioners.
  • They are independent.
  • They often come from the Big Four audit firms, international law firms or Customs authorities and now run their own advisory practice.
  • They have a strong legal background. They have specialised in Trade and Customs law a long time ago and have gained in-depth knowledge inTrade and Customs Compliance regulations in their country.
  • They have many years of practical experience in supporting global traders and involvement in day-to-day customs management.
  • They are in good standing in the Global Trade and Customs Compliance community and enjoy a reputation for excellence.
  • Most Experts have experience in representing traders in front of authorities, courts, and tribunals.
  • The Experts joining the Alegrant Hub can advise on Global Trade and Customs Compliance in all industries, regardless of the product. Some Experts can also advise on products norms and standards country requirements.

We are constantly selecting new experts and adding new countries to Alegrant network. If you are looking for help in a country that is not listed, do get in touch.

If you are a Trade and Customs law specialist and you recognise yourself in this description; if you are interested in advising global traders on your country laws and regulations and deliver Alegrant Services, get in touch

Alegrant services

Italy – Gabon – Canada – Mexico – Philippines – Nigeria – Ghana – USA – Brazil – China – Congo – Lithuania – India – Saudi Arabia – Serbia – Equatorial Guinea – Netherland – Morocco – UK – Belgium – Switzerland – Cameroon – France – Portugal – Singapore – Spain.

Alegrant Global Support FAQs

What language can I use?

Experts usually speak more than one language. Most will speak english in addition to their local language. The most common languages used are spanish, french, german and italian.

How can I contact an expert?

Talk to us! Send us a note at We’ll discuss your requirements to make sure the local expert will be able to help. We’ll then make the introduction and you’ll deal directly with the local expert.

How can a local expert help me?

A local, in-country expert can help you before, during and, after a transaction.

  • Before, at the planning stage: for instance, when you work on a new sales contract, manufacturing site or when you are exploring souring from a new supplier/country. The expert will help you understand your obligations, identify risks and opportunities.
  • During the implementation stage: the expert can help you obtain authorisations, accreditations, licences; to make all the necessary applications and help you navigate the local requirements.
  • After the transaction, for example in a post-clearance audit. You can also contact you local expert at any time to check the local trading conditions.
  • You can also access Alegrant Services in foreign jurisdiction, for instance training your global team.

We’re here to help

There is no cost to exploring your options, just get in touch to arrange an informal chat.

Alegrant services
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