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Customs and trade regulations have a direct impact on business operations and profit. Badly handled they result in chaotic logistics, late deliveries, high costs, penalties risk and unhappy customers.

The good news is that, when under control, Customs compliant processes deliver great benefits. From smooth logistics, on-time deliveries, to cost reductions, and duty savings. But above all, it provides the peace of mind that you are meeting your obligations. You are controlling your costs and protecting investors’ money.

We work with companies operating globally and their advisers to meet their global trade and customs obligations, reduce import duties, mitigate risks and protect investors money.

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If you are new to Alegrant, you’ll be surprised how easy it is for you to access expertise. We’ll discuss your challenge and we’ll introduce you to experts. The human relation is central to our service. There’s no AI, algorithm, chatbot, Alegrant is 100% human powered. You’ll always be in contact with experts, support contacts or advisers at all time. And you’ll always get an estimate before any work is done.

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Global Trade & Customs Consultancy

If you need help to meet your Customs obligations, shape your internal compliance processes, develop internal policies, at home or across several entities. Our consultancy service will help you embed the regulations into your daily business practices so that you trade globally in safe, compliant and profitable manner.

Technical Support in Customs Law and Regulations

If you know how to translate the regulations in processes and demonstrate compliance, you might need help with the rules. When your Customs compliance team, CFO, legal counsel, head of business units just need to know the rules, regulations, and decisions that apply to your transactions our experts are at hand.

Global Trade & Customs Trainings Multi-Country

Knowledge is critical to effective Customs and trade compliance. Our trainings are bespoke, designed specifically for your business, products, operations, markets and are available multi-country.

You think our services could help you control your compliance obligations?

Build your compliance team with customs experts in 25 Countries…

Italy – Gabon – Canada – Mexico – Philippines – Nigeria – Ghana – USA – Brazil – China – Congo – Lithuania – India – Saudi Arabia – Serbia – Equatorial Guinea – Netherland – UK – Belgium – Switzerland – Cameroon – France – Portugal – Singapore – Spain.

Should you need any help in any of these countries, you’ll have an expert on your side. We are constantly adding new experts and new countries. If you are looking for help in a country that is not listed, do get in touch

Why our clients choose Alegrant

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Alegrant expert, through a single session, was able to help us understand how to navigate the customs duties landscape during this transition period through very clear language and advice.Lorenzo

  • Peace of mind: Focus on your own operations knowing you can rely on your global team of trade and Customs experts.
  • Access expertise: Experts have in-depth technical knowledge of Customs law and regulations in their region. Most Experts have experience in representing traders in front of authorities, courts, and tribunals.
  • Local in-country support: Experts are locally based to help you understand the local requirements and meet your Customs and trade obligations.
  • Crisis help: Getting a local expert on your side is invaluable when a crisis break..
  • Flexible communication: Consult your in-country Expert via messaging, audio or video call in the Alegrant Hub.
  • Control your budget: View Experts’ hourly and daily rates. Agree the consultation. No surprise fees!
  • Pay online, access the expertise, address your compliance problem, save time and money.

Discover Alegrant Experts…

Alegrant is different because we are not a directory and we don’t just let anyone in. Alegrant experts are selected for their specialised knowledge and competencies in Customs and trade laws and regulations. Our clients trust us to introduce them to specialists in their field. You’ll find that Alegrant Experts around the world have a few things in common:

  • They are locally based practitioners.
  • They are independent.
  • They often come from the Big Four audit firms, international law firms or Customs authorities and now run their own advisory practice.
  • They have a strong legal background. They have specialised in Trade and Customs law a long time ago and have gained in-depth knowledge inTrade and Customs Compliance regulations in their country.
  • They have many years of practical experience in supporting global traders and involvement in day-to-day customs management.
  • They are in good standing in the Global Trade and Customs Compliance community and enjoy a reputation for excellence.
  • Most Experts have experience in representing traders in front of authorities, courts, and tribunals.
  • The Experts joining the Alegrant Hub can advise on Global Trade and Customs Compliance in all industries, regardless of the product. Some Experts can advise on product standards.

If you are a Trade and Customs law specialist and you recognise yourself in this description; if you are interested in advising global traders on your country laws and regulations, get in touch

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