Brexit Customs Changes Jan 2022 – Rules of Origin

New post-Brexit Customs requirements are coming into effect in January. They will affect imports into the UK from the EU. Imports from the EU represent the highest volume of transactions between the EU and the UK. Any delay will affect supply chains and production lines across the UK.

Rules of Origin / Proof of Origin “Supplier Declaration”
Before Jan 2022

Traders can ship goods with an Origin Declaration on the invoice and provide the Supplier Declaration at a later stage.

From Jan 2022

UK Exporters must have Supplier Declarations available at the time of the export the goods. If there is a control at import in the EU, the importer will need to show the Supplier Declaration. Failing that they will be liable to pay the full rate of duty. In certain countries, penalties will apply.

Impact on business
  • Possible risk of non-compliance
  • Risk of insuring import duties

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