Brexit damages UK e-Commerce Sector

Brexit damages UK e-commerce

The International Post Corporation, the organisaiton representing post offices across the world has published its Cross-Border E-Commerce Shopper Survey for 2021.

The survey analysed how consumers were affected by both the UK leaving the European Union and the introduction of customs fees and removal of VAT exemption for low-value items coming into the EU.

Brexit and new EU legislation: UK lose ground as top online shopping hubs 

The study shows that in the EU/UK, 39% of respondents stated the new VAT rules have impacted their cross-border purchases, with over half stating that the value of items purchased has increased and/or that they have now pay additional custom fees compared to previous years.

Overall, the introduction of the new laws has seen a significant increase in the number of people who have had to pay e-commerce related fees, with 21% having paid import fees for purchases this year compared to 13% in 2020.  

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