A Quick Guide To Origin and Rules of Origin

Origin is the “economic” nationality of goods traded internationally. It is used by customs authorities, along with the commodity codes and the value of the goods, to determine how the goods should be treated when imported. There are two types of origin: preferential origin and non-preferential origin.

A Quick Guide to Customs Valuation

This Quick Guide to Customs Valuation introduced the rules and principles governing the value for customs purposes. Customs Valuation Overview Customs valuation is the process of determining the value of imported goods. This, for the purpose of assessing customs duties and taxes. The value of the goods is the basis for calculating the amount ofContinue reading “A Quick Guide to Customs Valuation”

A Quick Guide to Customs Classification

Customs classification is the process of assigning a specific code from a nomenclature to a product or commodity for the purpose of customs clearance. This Quick Guide introduces Classification, the area of customs management that is the most subject to dispute. Contrary to local or domestic trade, in international transactions the buyer and the sellerContinue reading “A Quick Guide to Customs Classification”