General Rules of Interpretation (GRI)

General Rules of Interpretation (GRI) are the rules for determining the appropriate commodity code of a product. The accurate classification of a product requires a sound understanding of these rules. These rules have legal values and are usually part of Customs legislation around the world. As Customs classification remains to biggest area of dispute with Customs authorities and is part of the business Customs compliance obligations, this article explains the principles behind the rules and how to apply them.

EU: Classification of mobility scooters

Finally, the decision on the long standing dispute that started in 2015 on the classification for mobility scooters has been published in the EU Official Journal. To quickly summarise the dispute, there were two competing classifications: From the manufacturers/traders, the scooters were to be classified under  8713: carriages for disabled persons, whether or not motorised -> 0%Continue reading “EU: Classification of mobility scooters”