HMRC Strict Approach to Compliance Obligations for IPR

A tribunal decision confirmed the strict compliance obligation for the IPR customs procedure. IPR is an extremely useful procedure as long as it is supported by strong internal compliance. Otherwise, it is a risky strategy as this case shows.

EU Customs Penalties: What’s the risk?

IAre you importing into different EU countries? If you do your level of exposure to Customs risk varies greatly. In the EU, customs penalties do not form part of the Union legislation on customs. Although customs legislation is harmonised, penalties for non compliance are left to each Member State.

How to prepare for a customs audit

A Customs compliance audit can be stressful as Customs officers are sitting in your office examining your documents and goods. As Customs controls increasingly move away from the border to business premises, Customs audits have become the mechanism to check traders comply with Customs regulations. Businesses should be prepared to ensure the audit is as smooth as possible.