Customs Binding Tariff and Duty Increase

Customs Binding Tariff Information or Tariff Rulings can have a substantial impact on duty rates. This is why it is important to monitor tariff decisions. This week we have an excellent example from the USA to illustrate how Customs decisions can dramatically affect the duty rate.

Switzerland removes customs duties on industrial products

The Swiss parliament has approved a proposal for the abolition of customs duties on industrial products and the simplification of the structure of the customs tariff possibly on January 1, 2022. This measure, which will facilitate the importation of industrial products, will allow Swiss companies to have access to cheaper intermediate goods and to reduce theirContinue reading “Switzerland removes customs duties on industrial products”

UK Tariff Suspensions

The UK has published the list of the Tariff Suspensions that will apply from  January 1st. Tariff Suspensions are an exception to a country standard import duty rates. Validity The measure has a period of validity during which the reduction of duty is applicable. The validity period could also be extended. Quantity Suspensions can be forContinue reading “UK Tariff Suspensions”