Doing Business in the USA

Country-specific information is available from many sources. Some more reliable than others. To make it easier for exporters, we have compiled in one place a list of sources of information that we trust and we use for doing business in the USA.

Public Sources of information

USA Official Sources of information

International Organisations Sources of information

EU Sources of information

UK Sources of information

Department for International Trade: Exporting Guide

Canada Sources of information

Canada Trade Commission Services: USA

Hong Kong Sources of information

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Market Profile

Private Sector – Sources of information

Trade environment


Transparency International: Transparency Corruption Index

Do you still have questions? Why not ask a local expert, save time and money.

Alegrant Network of Customs & Trade Experts

Our local colleague has a team of experts specialised in Customs law and regulations. He is advising traders on the specificities of US Customs regulations across many industry sectors.

You can consult local experts in preparation of the transaction to ensure your shipment will cross the border smoothly. Or they’ll be happy to help if a crisis break. Get in touch at

Why our clients use Alegrant
  • Peace of mind: Focus on your own operations knowing you can rely on your global team of trade and Customs experts.
  • Access expertise: Experts have in-depth technical knowledge of Customs law and regulations in their region. The majority of Experts has experience in representing Traders in front of authorities, courts, and tribunals.
  • Local in-country support: Experts are locally based to help you understand the local requirements and meet your Customs and trade obligations.
  • Crisis help: Get a local expert on you side when a crisis breaks.
  • Flexible communication: Consult your in-country Expert via messaging, audio or video call in the Alegrant Hub.
  • Control your budget: View Experts’ hourly and daily rates. Agree the consultation. No surprise fees!
  • Pay online, access the expertise, address your compliance problem, save time and money.

See what help you can get in Alegrant Services.

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