Exporting Corruption 2022

Transparency International has published its annual report into foreign bribery. Exporting Corruption 2022 is not a good year!

Countries’ enforcement against foreign bribery has dropped to its lowest level since Transparency International began this measurement in 2009

The reports shows that, out of 47 top exporting countries, only 2 are actively enforcing legislation against cross-border bribery.

Transparency International rates countries according to their actions to enforce anti-bribery corruption, to investigate, charge and impose sanctions commensurate with traders’ share of exports. They use four categories ranging from the top active enforcer to countries with little or no enforcement. So where is your country?

Active enforcement (2 countries) 11.8% global exports

Only two countries in this top category: Switzerland and the United States. These two country combined are making up 11.8 per cent of global exports.

Moderate enforcement (7 countries) 16.9% global exports

Countries with “Moderate enforcement” are Germany, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Israel and Latvia.

Limited enforcement (18 countries) 15.5% global exports

In this category we find The Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Greece, Colombia, New Zealand, Peru, Slovenia, Costa Rica, and Estonia.

Little or No enforcement (20 countries) 39.8% global exports

The countries with little or no enforcement are: China, Japan, South Korea, HongKong, Singapore, India, Mexico, Russia, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Turkey, CzechRepublic, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

Source: Read the full report

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