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Each import and export declaration is creating customs obligations on the business. This is a source of risk. Badly managed, customs risk, results in chaotic supply chains, delays, unhappy customers and increased costs. Meanwhile, a sound customs management brings on-time deliveries, efficiencies, duty optimisation, costs reductions and savings.

Alegrant Customs Compliance Series is designed to help traders strengthen internal compliance processes with ready-made procedures to build safe and efficient global operations.

Here, in the Bookshop, you can buy our Award-winning Customs compliance handbooks, checklists, templates and procedures to support your compliance processes and facilitate your international transactions.

Alegrant Bookshop FAQs

What are Alegrant Handbooks?

A series of handbooks to help you prepare export and import transactions that meet compliance requirements in most countries. 

Can I ask any question about the handbook?

Absolutely, send us a note

How do I receive the handbooks?

It’s easy, it’s an instant download after purchase.

Can you help us develop our own Customs processes and procedures?

Yes, we can work together to design your own Customs compliance process and procedure specific to your business practices. Your processes will be grounded in Customs law supported by a documented procedure with reference to the applicable regulations. We are developing processes and procedures for single and multi-entities, multi-sites and multi-countries.

“As SMS Oilfield grew in size and geographically, we required policies and procedures to export our products and services to minimise the risks of trading internationally. Alegrant came in and provided tailored consultancy and training to our whole management team from business development to finance and logistics. This advice was tailored to the particular challenges our company faces in the oil industry. The policy and procedures developed are embedded in our management system and have proved invaluable as we have grown into three regions.“

SMS Oilfield, a Scottish specialist SME providing sensing technology, data analysis and visualisation for the global oil and gas community with now regional hubs in Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi as well as ongoing operations in West Africa and the Middle East.

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