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Our success stories are the stories of our clients. Alegrant clients are SME’s with global ambitions, fast-growing startups or multi-national groups. They come from different industry sectors, markets and countries, but they all have in common the need for reliable and responsive expertise in Customs regulatory requirements at the national, regional and international level.

We work with directors from finance, logistics, Customs, procurement, sales who want a smooth and efficient international supply chain. They understand that they need to enjoy strong compliance processes to secure their international transactions and protect investors’ money.

Our clients are using Alegrant’s global expertise to meet their Customs obligations, identify savings, step-in when a crisis break and enjoy smooth global operations.

Here are our case studies showing how successful traders improve their operations, win new markets, save time and money using Alegrant services.

Case Study: On-time deliveries and happy customers with training

International trade is complex because it is a combination of several agreements and contracts such as the contract of sale, transport, insurance, financing. At the border, a mis-alignement between these contracts can trigger a Customs enquiry, a confusion or a dispute between the parties. This, in turn, results in delay, exchange of emails, internal tensions,…

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Case Study: Win New Customers with Duty Suspensions

An SME with a well established product was struggling with their international strategy focusing on Australia the current financial year and Brazil the next. A review of this strategy, uncovered that Brazil had introduced, for one year only, a temporary reduction of import duty rates affecting their type of product.

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