New Alegrant Customs consulting services in Ghana

Press Release: For immediate release: GLASGOW 17 October 2022

The multi-Award winning international network of experts in Customs laws now offers advisory services in Ghana. 

From today, Alegrant local expert stands ready to help importers and exporters in Ghana. Clients can get help in meeting their obligations under Ghana’s customs legislation, anticipating border requirements and identifying duty reduction mechanisms.

With direct access to local experts, global traders build their global compliance team of customs law experts in over 25 countries. They complement their internal compliance capabilities with Alegrant experts to help them control and secure their international transactions. 

Customs and trade regulations have a direct impact on business operations. Badly handled they result in chaotic logistics, late deliveries, high costs, penalties risk and unhappy customers. When under control, Customs compliant processes deliver smooth logistics, on-time deliveries, cost reductions, and duty savings. But above all, it provides the peace of mind that traders are meeting their obligations, controlling costs and protecting investors’ money. 

Alegrant advises clients from middle-sized companies to Fortune 500 corporations coming from multiple countries and all industry sectors. They can now rely on our proven ability to deliver support in Ghana.

“The increasing complexity of customs legislations coupled with local interpretations of international agreements and country-specific implementations create a serious risk for global traders. Having access to leading experts is invaluable to our clients, we are therefore absolutely delighted that more experts are joining Alegrant” said Catherine Truel, CEO of Alegrant. 

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About Alegrant 

Alegrant is an international network of leading experts in Customs law and global trade regulations. 
Alegrant innovative solution allows traders to easily contact local experts, in country, for any question relating to local customs regulations and trade law.
Alegrant is based in Glasgow and Marseille and now offers in-depth Customs expertise in over 25 countries among them, the USA, Canada, China, Brazil, Mexico.
Alegrant is directed by Catherine Truel, an International Trade Compliance Expert, the author of the best-seller “A Short Guide to Customs Risk’’. 

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