Bespoke Trainings Company-wide

£2,500.00 Excl. VAT

Bespoke Brexit company-wide Customs Training



Bespoke Customs Training

Specific to the business commercial needs, industry, operations and practical challenges.


  • 2 half-days
  • First half day, we look at each topic in two steps:  a formal training focusing on the compliance requirements then we discuss the options you have to embed the requirements into your business practice. You’ll have a week before the next half day to discuss your implementation options internally and reach a decision on how you’ll adapt the compliance requirements to your operations.
  • On the second half day, the training  runs through the same topics again, this time in more details as we build on your newly acquired knowledge looking more specifically at your implementation decisions. We review their feasibility; we correct if necessary. At the end, you’ll have a process for each topic that will be the basis for your international trade policy and procedure.
  • This training format is a workshop where we look at the new Customs obligations specific to your operation based on the business current business practices, processes and documents. The objective is to use the current business practices and, through the training, show attendants how to adapt them to new Customs requirements with as little disruption as possible.

£2500 excl VAT per company .

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