Customs Compliance Consultation

£240.00 Excl. VAT

An online consultation with a customs and international trade law expert. Get an answer to your specific challenge with customs classification, valuation, procedures, trade agreements, rules of origin, global supply chain contracts and Incoterms, customs and trade strategy and customs engineering.




Frustration with difficulty finding specific customs information?

We know it can be frustrating searching for specific customs information on the internet. 

You have probably contacted the government hotlines, used all the various reputable legal websites, conducted extensive searches using different keywords and combinations, and explored online forums and discussion groups related to customs compliance matters. 

Despite your best efforts, you have not been able to locate the specific information you require to address your very own compliance concerns for your particular transactions.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to explore alternative resources to accessing the necessary customs requirements and legal information more efficiently?

Why not get expert input to help you overcome a specific customs and trade question? It is really easy to get input from a customs and trade law expert from Alegrant:

1/ Contact your usual Alegrant expert and ask for a consultation (Alegrant’s clients get 20% discount). If you are new to Alegrant email Aurelia at to explain your challenge.

2/ Agree with the expert a date and time for a visio-conference consultation.

3/ Click “add to basket” and make a payment.

At the agreed date and time, you’ll meet your expert online for an hour discussion. You can invite members of your team, colleagues from other departments, from other countries, or customers and suppliers to join the conversation, ask question, or clarify any point. 

Any question? Get in touch or your usual Alegrant contact.