Export Packing List for Customs Compliance

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This Packing List for Customs Compliance is critical for logistics and customs management procedure. It contains:

  • An explanation of Customs requirements specific to Export Packing Lists.
  • An example of a Packing List layout designed for customs clearance.
  • A step by step explanation of the information and data required for smooth customs clearance.

Number of pages: 33
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What is it? 

A handbook to help you prepare export documentation that meet compliance requirements in most countries. 

Why did we created this?

Each import and export declaration is creating  customs obligations on the business. This is a source of risk. Badly managed, customs risk, results in chaotic supply chains, delays, unhappy customers and increased costs. Meanwhile, a sound customs management brings on-time deliveries, efficiencies, duty optimisation and costs reductions.

We regularly receive questions about documentations so Alegrant Customs Compliance Series is designed to help traders strengthen internal compliance processes with ready-made procedures to build safe and efficient global operations. 

What’s inside?

This Export Packing List for Customs Compliance Procedure contains: 

  • An explanation of customs requirements specific to export Packing Lists.
  • A example of a Packing List layout designed for customs clearance.
  • A step by step explanation of the information and data required for customs declarations and compliance.

Table of contents

  • 1.1. Alegrant Customs Compliance Series 
  • 1.2. Format of the Documents 
  • 1.3. Format of information and data 
  • 1.4. How to use this document 
  • 2.1. Packing 
  • 2.2. Packing lists 
  • 2.3. Language 
  • 2.4. Number of pages  
  • 3.1. Packing List Structure 
  • 3.2. Packing List Sections 
  • 4.1. A:Consignment information 
  • 4.2. B:Items/Packing information 
  • 4.3. C:Signature and authentication 

Ideally, to ensure consistency and facilitate transactions, all international trade documentation should be aligned: Invoice, packing list, instructions…. In Alegrant Compliance Series the commercial invoice mirrors the packing list both in format and information. These two documents contains similar fields to be completed with similar information. However the focus of each document is different, this is reflected in the descriptions and explanations sections.

You’ll benefit from this if you:

  • Are an exporter.
  • Want to learn how to prepare export documentation that meets customs requirements.
  • Want to ensure smooth customs clearance to facilitate movement of goods.
  • Want to know how to control customs requirements and meet customs obligations.

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Can I share that content on the Internet? 

No. You’re not allowed to share it publicly. This is a personal license for individual use only.

Do you have expertise on the subject? 

Alegrant is an award-winning advisory firm specialised in customs law and international trade law. Alegrant’s experts are independent leading specialists advising companies and customs authorities in 25 countries. Our mission is to help clients grow their international operation in a safe, controlled, compliant and profitable manner. This handbook is a step toward helping your international ambitions.

What is the return policy?

As ebooks cannot be returned we are unable to refund payments. By completing the purchase of an ebook from Alegrant.com you waive your 14 day right to cancel. Do get in touch if you are not fully satisfied, we’re here to help: info@alegrant.com.

How can we use the Handbook?

  • You can use the layout to build your own standard export documentation from scratch. Or you can use it to amend you current invoice format. 
  • You can use the step-by-step guide to help with the completion of the document. 
  • You can insert the handbook into your internal export documentation procedures to be used as a guide for your export invoice. You can then update your internal export documentation procedure as the rules change. 

This must be expensive right? 

 It’s £39.99!

How do I receive the handbook?

Instant download after purchase.

Can I ask any question about the handbook?

Absolutely, send us a note info@alegrant.com.

What if I want to buy 2 handbooks, do I get a special price?

Of course! You can upgrade to a bundle-version:

  • Invoice + Packing-list: with this bundle, you get aligned documentations for your exports and 30% discount: £55.99

What do I do next if I want to get this guide? 

Click the “Add to basket” button and build you export documents. 


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