Understand Customs Regulations and Trade Compliance 21 June 2022

£325.00 Excl. VAT

Customs Regulations and Trade Compliance




Understand Customs Regulations and Trade Compliance

This half day training is designed to help clients:

  • Understand and meet their new Customs obligations.
  • Identify savings opportunities with Customs duties and duty reduction procedures
  • Customs Classification: Select the correct commodity code for your products so they are subject to the right amount of import duty, not too much, not too little.
  • Customs valuation: Understand and determine the correct valuation method for your imports or exports.
  • Customs procedure: Understand the main import and export procedures and their respective compliance requirements. Understand Special Procedures (customs warehousing, Outward Processing Relief, Inward Processing Relief…) providing savings or, by delaying the tax point, cash-flow benefits.
  • Trade Agreement (FTA) and Rules of Origin: Understand how to take advantage of the FTA signed by the UK and other countries, including possibly the EU to reduce or remove import duties.
  • Customs duties: Learn how to check the amount of duty at import in the UK and your customers’ country.
  • Customs declarations:  Understand how customs declarations are completed and learn how to instruct your agent to clear the goods for import and export.
  • Export Controls: Learn how to check whether your products are subject to Export Controls and need an export licence.
  • Record keeping: Recording your import and export transactions, keeping records and maintaining an audit trail.
Who should attend and why? 
  • Import /export administration: administrators who manage the business cross-border transactions and prepare import and export documentation.
  • Logistics: to ensure products they move efficiently across borders and are not delayed.
  • Procurement department: buyers need to understand the additional requirements of import and to identify any additional import costs or restrictions specific to their purchases.
  • Sales: sales team need to understand how export and import requirements will impact their customers across the EU.
Why choose Alegrant training? 
  • The training is putting the Customs code in practice for immediate implementation;
  • The use of Best Practices illustrates how to embed the obligations in business processes;
  • Instructors are renowned experts in international trade and Customs management with over 20 years of experience;
  • Group sizes are restricted to ensure optimum contact time with the instructor;
  • Trainings have a workshop approach, so delegates apply the new knowledge as they learn;
  • Course material and checklists allow for immediate implementation when returning to the business;
  • Alegrant training certificate accredits participants attendance and subject matter learning.
Training format

Online by video conference (Zoom)

Price and booking
  • £325 Exc. VAT (VAT is only applicable for UK companies)

For any question, don’t hesitate to contact us: training@alegrant.com


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