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Alegrant Success Stories

Our success stories are the stories of our clients. Alegrant clients are SME’s with global ambitions, fast-growing startups or largest enterprises. They come from different industry sectors, markets and countries, but they all have in common the need for reliable and responsive expertise in Customs regulatory requirements at the national, regional and international level. They want a smooth and efficient international movements of their products and enjoy strong compliance track records to protect investors’ money.

Our clients are using Alegrant’s global expertise to meet their Customs obligations, identify savings, step-in when a crisis break and enjoy smooth global operations.

Here are our success stories of how traders improve their operations using Alegrant services.

Case Study: Fashion industry, Brexit and Rules of Origin

The fashion sector is greatly impacted by Brexit. Shipments between the EU and the UK are subject to high rates of duty. We worked with a fashion house to determine the origin status of their products under the EU/UK trade agreement. Some products had material sourced in the UK and weaving done in the UK.…

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Case Study: No More Border Delays. Aligning Contract Terms with Customs Clearance

A multi-award winning SME won a contract with multinational and quickly started struggling with Customs regulations in several countries. Each shipment was subject to delays and disruptions causing tensions with the customer. By performing an analysis of their transactions, we identified a conflict between the contractual Incoterms and their logistics processes. An internal training equipped them for…

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