EU-UK Post-Brexit Official Documents

Brexit key EU-UK official documents are listed here for those who need easy access to the official sources. Brexit introduced customs requirements and compliance obligations to trade between the UK and the EU. These requirements are grounded in legislations listed hereafter. Quick Brexit Timeline Summaries of Legislation (EU) List of official EU-UK documents Document PublishedContinue reading “EU-UK Post-Brexit Official Documents”

UK Proof of Export Obligations for VAT

Proof of Export for VAT is a challenging area for many exporters. HMRC new guidance is a welcome clarification for UK exporters in particular on the quality of the evidence required for zero rated export. Why is the Proof of Export for VAT important? Proofs of Export is part of the export customs compliance requirements.Continue reading “UK Proof of Export Obligations for VAT”

Case Study: EU Duty Free Imports with Rules of Origin

In this Case Study on EU Rules of Origin we help a client in the UK fashion and textile sector. The UK fashion sector is greatly impacted by Brexit. Shipments from the UK to the EU are suddenly subject to high rates of duty. Accurately determining the Rules of Origin of product is now criticalContinue reading “Case Study: EU Duty Free Imports with Rules of Origin”