UK/EU Trade Agreement unpacked

To make the UK/EU Trade Agreement easier to use we have created shortcuts to the text. This will help you access the information you need faster. Yes, we understand not everyone is like us enjoying the details of trade and customs law!

Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, of the one part, and the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community of the other part.

From UK Government website

From EU Commission website

Although the text of the agreement is the same from the EU or UK side, we’ll use the EU version because it is in multiple languages and the pages numbering include the annexes.

Link to the text of the agreement used in the articles and pages hereafter. Pages are shown on the top right or left hand side of the document.

Preference and Rules of Origin
  • Definition of Origin: Article 38 – Page 60
  • Rules of Origin: Annex 3 Product Specific Rules of Origin – Page 1032
  • Insufficient production: Art 43 – Page 68
  • Accessories, spare parts and tools: Art 47 – Page 71
  • Provision on the statement on origin: Art 56 – Page 80
  • The text of the statement on origin:  Annex 7 – Page 1113
  • Making a claim for preferential tariff treatment – Art 54 – Page 78
  • Time of the claim for preferential tariff treatment – Art 55 – Page 72
  • Cumulation of Origin: Art 40 – Page 63
  • Record-keeping requirements: Art 59 – Page 82

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