UK Tariff Suspensions

The UK has published the list of the Tariff Suspensions that will apply from  January 1st.

Tariff Suspensions are an exception to a country standard import duty rates.


The measure has a period of validity during which the reduction of duty is applicable. The validity period could also be extended.


Suspensions can be for an unlimited quantity (total suspension) or partial waiver (partial suspension).


Goods imported under the suspension arrangements are in free circulation


The notes are defining the products to which the Suspensions apply.  Some products descriptions are sometimes very narrow. The notes also can describe a specific production process.

Alegrant comments:

  • Check you commodity codes if you haven’t already done so.
  • Expiry date is set to 31st December 2021 for most products. For some sectors (high value products/high duty rates) it might be efficient to bring in stock before the end of the validity period (cash flow permitting).
  • Check the notes. Notes are often excluding some products so even if your products are listed, the note might contain an exclusion.


The Suspensions of Import Duty Rates Document, version 1.0, dated 10 December 2020

Source: The Customs Tariff (Suspension of Import Duty Rates) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020

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