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Multi-Award Winning Global Network of Customs Experts in 25 Countries

Customs laws and regulations are complex. They pose a number of major risks for businesses:

  • Chaotic logistics, delays, unhappy customers.
  • High costs and unexpected expenses.
  • Reduced margins and profit.
  • Customs audits, legal sanctions and penalties.
  • Risk to investors’ money.
  • Tarnished reputation.

The good news? Customs compliant processes deliver great benefits. Enjoy smooth logistics, on-time deliveries, cost reductions, and duty savings. But above all, it provides the peace of mind that you are meeting your obligations. You are controlling your costs and protecting investors’ money.

We work with companies operating globally to meet their global trade and customs obligations, reduce import duties, mitigate risks and protect investors money.

Strong Customs regulations expertise…

Customs compliance is about applying the law so it is critical to have access to up to date, in-depth knowledge and expertise of Customs law and its application. You can access this expertise in 25 countries.

Customs Consultancy Services…

Global Trade & Customs Consultancy

If you need help to meet your Customs obligations, shape your internal compliance processes, develop policies, at home or across several foreign entities, this service is for you. Our consultancy service will help you embed the regulations into your daily business practices so that you trade globally in safe, compliant and profitable manner.

Technical Support in Customs Law and Regulations

If you know how to translate the regulations into processes and demonstrate compliance, you might just need help with the rules. When your Customs compliance team, CFO, legal counsel, head of business units just need to know the rules, regulations, and decisions that apply to your transactions, or prepare for a Customs audit and need legal representation, our experts are at hand.

Global Trade & Customs Trainings Multi-Country

Knowledge is critical to effective Customs and trade compliance. Our trainings are bespoke, designed specifically for your business, products, operations, markets and are available multi-country.

Direct access to in-country experts…

With our Award-Winning Network, you can now build your global compliance team of experts in trade and Customs regulations in 25 countries. 

The Alegrant Clients’ Experience…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Clear advice”

Alegrant expert, through a single session, was able to help us understand how to navigate the customs duties landscape during this transition period through very clear language and advice.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Alegrant has de-mystified international trade and the implications of Brexit. Providing customised information to our business and clear guidance we have been able to minimise the impact of Brexit and any tariffs applicable.  We are now confident to take forward our internationalisation with all its commercial benefits.


Rating: 5 out of 5.


We feel confident we are in compliance with HMRC regulations while trading with the EU post Brexit.


Great Success Stories…

Get tips and news, read the Blog…

We share public information, legal updates, tips and insights from Customs experts as well as articles and analysis from our research team on Customs and trade matters.

HMRC Strict Approach to Compliance Obligations for IPR

A tribunal decision confirmed the strict compliance obligation for the IPR customs procedure. IPR is an extremely useful procedure as long as it is supported by strong internal compliance. Otherwise, it is a risky strategy as this case shows.

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Suspensions tarifaires pour réduire les droits de douane

Les suspensions tarifaires permettent l’exonération totale ou partielle des droits de douane normalement applicables aux marchandises importées. Cette mesure permet de suspendre les droits de douane temporairement pour certains produits afin de supporter l’activité économique ou palier certains manques. La plupart des pays utilisent cette mesure.

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EU Customs Penalties: What’s the risk?

IAre you importing into different EU countries? If you do your level of exposure to Customs risk varies greatly. In the EU, customs penalties do not form part of the Union legislation on customs. Although customs legislation is harmonised, penalties for non compliance are left to each Member State.

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HMRC takes a strict approach to IPR compliance obligations. Our Briefing note is published! 👉 See MoreSee Less
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Accreditations & Partnerships…

World Customs Organisation Partnership

Alegrant partnership with the World Customs Organisation to offer technical trainings from the WCO Academy.

Team France Export Approved Partner

Alegrant is approved by the French Authorities to support French exporters.

Accredited to support French SME’s

Alegrant is accredited by the French government for the “Plan France Relance” to support French SMEs.

Partner of Glasgow City Council

Alegrant Scotland is a partner of Glasgow City Council supporting Glasgow companies global ambitions.

La French Tech Aix-Marseille Region Sud

We are delighted to be part of La French Tech.

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