Impact of the Harley Davidson Origin Case on Customs Strategy

The Harley Davidson Origin case delivers a very hard decision for businesses. It has an impact on supply chain restructuring, relocation of production and duty optimisation. In some organisations, the Customs strategy and compliance records must be reviewed to meet the new obligations. What is the Harley Davidson Origin case about? In Case T-324/21, Harley-DavidsonContinue reading “Impact of the Harley Davidson Origin Case on Customs Strategy”

Meet your IPR Compliance Obligations to the letter says HMRC

A tribunal decision confirmed the strict compliance obligation for the IPR customs procedure. IPR is an extremely useful procedure as long as it is supported by strong internal compliance. Otherwise, it is a risky strategy as this case shows.

What is the cost of non-compliance? EU Customs Penalties

IAre you importing into different EU countries? If you do your level of exposure to Customs risk varies greatly. In the EU, customs penalties do not form part of the Union legislation on customs. Although customs legislation is harmonised, penalties for non compliance are left to each Member State.

A Quick Guide to Customs Valuation

This Quick Guide to Customs Valuation introduced the rules and principles governing the value for customs purposes. Customs Valuation Overview Customs valuation is the process of determining the value of imported goods. This, for the purpose of assessing customs duties and taxes. The value of the goods is the basis for calculating the amount ofContinue reading “A Quick Guide to Customs Valuation”