A great feedback from HebHomes for Alegrant Brexit trainings

“HebHomes Limited is a successful and growing Scottish based self build kit house company.  We currently source some of our key supplies from the rest of the EU and are are also embarking on an overseas expansion with new sales to the rest of Europe.

With no experience of international trade, the prospect of Brexit and it’s implication on our business has been intimidating and we expected a major hit on our existing business and a reduction in overseas sales.

Catherine at Alegrant has de-mystified international trade and the implications of Brexit.  Providing customised information to our business and clear guidance we have been able to minimise the impact of Brexit and any tariffs applicable.  We are now confident to take forward our internationalisation with all its commercial benefits.”

Jean Hamilton, Director HebHomes Limited

If you’re interested in getting your business staff trained for your Brexit challenges, visit our dedicated page https://alegrant.eu/brexit-3/ or contact info@alegrant.com. We’ll be happy to help!

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