Alegrant helps Crover navigate the customs duties landscape

Alegrant is always happy to provide bespoke solutions to get to the heart of any Trade & Customs matter! Here’s a great feedback for the Alegrant expert from the client Crover:

”While we focus on delivering the world’s first ‘underground drone’ to grain storage operators and help them #SavingGrains, we like to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic complexity putting a stall on our operations, and the #Alegrant expert, through a single session, was able to help us understand how to navigate the customs duties landscape during this transition period through very clear language and advice.” Dr Lorenzo Conti, Founder & Managing Director of Crover.

About Alegrant

Alegrant is an award-winning company with experts in 25 countries helping importers and exporters meet their Trade and Customs obligations and generate savings. Watch our introduction video:

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